4G and Possible Interference to Freeview Reception

“4G” or “4G LTE” is the next generation of mobile technology, which can deliver considerably faster, more consistent mobile broadband speeds than 3G services. 4G is set to transform the way we connect to the internet and will enable much faster web access, video gaming, cloud computing  – all without the need to plug in a cable to your router.

 Where these services are broadcast on certain airwaves (800MHz band) they may interfere with Freeview reception.

Ofcom have advised that the areas likely to be worst hit include those served by the Crystal Palace transmitter in London and those living near new 4G masts.

Luckily the installation of a specialised TV filter will remove unwanted 4G frequencies and provide uninterrupted FREEVIEW services. 

If you think your building is experiencing 4G signal interference call our Communal Systems Team on 01892 725831 or email us at

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