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Communal Systems


Integrated reception system

Integrated Reception System (IRS)

A communal Integrated Reception System (IRS) is the ideal solution for managing agents, private landlords, housing associations and local authorities to provide their residents with access to a combination of Freeview, Sky TV, Radio services and non-English services.



Optional rental satellite system

Optional Rental Satellite System (ORS)

Our optional approach recognises that there will only be a minority demand within a block of flats from residents to receive satellite programming.

We can install a communal satellite system with no central costs to impact the service charge and expand it, when required, to meet the demand from residents.



Fibre integrated reception system

Fibre Integrated Reception System (FIRS)

Community Vision can design and install a Fibre cable system providing access to both satellite and terrestrial TV services. The discrete Fibre cable is only 2mm in diameter as compared to traditional coax cable at 7mm.

This type of system lends itself very well for the installation of an Integrated Reception System.



Commercial Installations

Commercial Installations

Community Vision provide commercial and communal television, radio and satellite distribution systems for businesses, blocks of flats, new build developments and office blocks.

We can design, build and install a system capable of delivering your requirements.

Commercial Installations


Sky Shared Dish

Sky Shared Dish

The Shared Dish system is a simple, neat and cost effective way for all your residents to access great entertainment. It’s perfect for adding value to your existing properties and as one of Sky’s Approved Communal Installation Companies we can offer great subsidies for our Shared Dish Systems.

Sky Shared Dish


Maintenance and repairs

Maintenance & Repairs

With over 20 years of experience in the installation and maintenance of communal TV and Satellite systems, Community Vision is the company to call when a fault occurs on the TV system and not just for systems installed by ourselves but for systems installed by others as well.

Maintenance & Repairs


CCTV installation


We can install a CCTV system that can be viewed on a single monitor / TV or the signals can be distributed through the communal television system so that the pictures can be seen on multiple TV’s.