Health and Safety

At Community Vision all management and supervisory personnel are responsible for planning safety into each work task and for preventing the occurrence of incidents and/or controlling conditions/actions that could lead to occupational injuries or illnesses.

The success of a health and safety program depends upon the full cooperation of each individual employee. The Management at Community Vision undertakes the responsibility and is prepared to take the necessary actions to see that all health and safety rules and practices are enforced, and will ensure that effective training programs are utilised to the best advantage.

All Managers will be held accountable for the safety of employees under their supervision. 
Our goal is the total elimination of accidents from our works, allowing each employee to return safely home to his or her family at the end of each working day.


Health and Safety Policy

Community Vision aims to comply with all health and safety legislation relating to all work activities carried out. Ensuring, by assessing the risks and providing and maintaining adequate control measures, that risks to employees and others are reduced to a minimum.

We shall ensure that all health and safety practices and procedures are used and adhered to. Health and safety procedures and systems shall address the following issues:

• How to maintain a safe and healthy working environment.
• Provision and maintenance of safe plant and equipment as well as safe use and handling by all operatives.
• Provision of information, instruction, training and supervision to all employees.
• Ensuring correct selection and monitoring of all sub-contractors, and that they are provided with information, instruction, training, and supervision.
• Provision of information and training regarding emergency procedures on and off the Company premises.
• Consultation with employees on matters affecting their health and safety.

Community Vision understands the need to satisfy environmental requirements and shall endeavor to improve the quality of the environment, which may be affected by its operations.