Integrated Reception System (IRS)


Integrated reception system

Whether you are a managing agent, private landlord, a commercial builder or a housing association there is an expectation from tenants to be able to receive any combination of Sky+, Sky+ HD, Freesat, Freeview and radio services in their apartment or flat.

An Integrated Reception System can provide a TV signal to every apartment / flat within a building without the need for multiple TV aerials or satellite dishes. This can help to avoid disputes with tenants who want to put up their own satellite dish or aerial, and will of course ensure the property remains cosmetically desirable.

It is also possible to add additional Satellite services to an IRS system to cater for buildings where there is a high degree of diversity or where there is a demand for non-English programming.

An IRS will future-proof your properties, with potential access to the UK’s largest number of HD channels and Europe’s first ever 3D channel.

Whether you are a managing agent, private landlord, a commercial builder or a housing association, Community Vision have the competence and expertise to deliver on all of your IRS requirements.

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Upgrades of Existing IRS

There may already be a single cable IRS in place that is not providing the signals required by the residents.  Community Vision can help.

If external cabling is not an option for providing second satellite signals, consideration could be given to the installation of SCR (Single Cable Routing) Distribution Switches. These enable two Sky digital satellite signals to be distributed through the one existing cable – one signal will continue to deliver the Sky channels being watched while the second signal will enable a different Sky channel to be recorded. This new technology enables us to overcome the limitation of single cable systems without running further cables to and within flats. The SCR switches combine the signals at the switch position and a splitter is required next to the compatible Sky box where the signals are split allowing the full recording functionality.

Alternatively, there may be a demand for non-English programming and we will be pleased to carry out a survey to determine how the system can be expanded to incorporate the channels required.

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Extra TV Points

Should your residents wish to have independent satellite viewing in another room, we can offer additional cable drops when carrying out the system installation. We can also provide extra internal points so that your residents can have access to their satellite service in another room. This gives your residents flexibility and choice.

Our Sales and Customer Service Team will be pleased to discuss each resident’s requirements once the installation of the new system has been confirmed.

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