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Community Vision is one of only two key specialist installers working with Sky in the South of England on their exciting new Single Cable Solution (SCS).

When Sky + was first introduced in 2002, communal satellite system options were limited and blocks with a single feed did not have the capacity to allow residents watch one show and record another or enjoy Sky Multiscreen. The Single Cable Solution (SCS) overcomes the previous limitations of a single feed system. SCS is a communal satellite system upgrade which enables residents to access the full Sky + experience (to see the full features of Sky + click to follow the link).

The SCS installation causes minimal disturbance to residents as no additional cabling is required. A switch is installed at the head-end of the system which combines and compresses Sky + signals. The combined signals are then distributed through the existing cable and a smart splitter is installed in the resident’s flat which separates the signals back out. This technology makes it possible for the resident to watch and record a program simultaneously. The technology for 9 wire systems has not yet been fully developed and SCS is currently compatible with 5 wire communal systems only.

In the majority of cases subsidies are available making the SCS upgrade fantastic value for you and your residents. When subsidies are offered the price can be as low as £25 per flat. Community Vision will also survey the properties you manage for free and provide you with quotation without charge! We have already surveyed over 200 blocks in London and the South East with flats totalling around 8000.

Get in touch with your dedicated account manager on 01892 725831 to book your free SCS survey.

Community Vision attempt to make the entire process as easy and straightforward for you as possible. Upon order we liaise with the residents to arrange the installation of splitters and we are always pleased to respond all your enquiries and queries.

We are excited by this technical development and we are certain your residents will wish to learn how their property can be upgraded to take advantage of it.


If you wish to learn more about The New Single Cable Solution please do not hesitate to call the Communal Systems Team on 01892 725831 or email us at


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