Optional Rental Satellite System (ORS)


Optional rental satellite system

Our unique ORS approach is the only truly democratic system designed especially for flats/apartments and it’s only available from Community Vision. This approach is perfect where there is only a minority demand for Satellite Television.

There are many private properties in London and the South East where the majority of residents are satisfied with digital terrestrial TV from Freeview. Those residents who want to receive satellite programming are often left disappointed because the property will not install an Integrated Reception System (IRS) involving all residents paying towards a service that the majority do not require.

Our ORS is completely optional and only those residents who want the service pay for it – with no cost impact on the service charge for the property as a whole. Those residents who want to view satellite programming pay a one-off connection charge and then an annual rental which covers their share of leasing the equipment, maintenance and upgrades.

This system gives you complete flexibility as the distribution equipment is expanded as demand grows. When the majority of residents have taken up the service consideration can be given to purchasing the system and extending it to all remaining flats.


The Benefits

• Perfect for properties where there is a minority demand for satellite TV
• Costs are met only by the residents who wish to view satellite TV
• Huge choice of free-to-air and subscription (Sky) channels
• Non-English language channels can also be provided

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